Our Values

We are not just another Recruitment Agency, We are Niche 212.

As people judge their own actions on what they feel are important to them, we judge ours by our own values.

Honesty –Honesty refers to our ethical approach, openness and transparency, which are all critical factors in our relationships with both clients and candidates.

Integrity – Unquestionable integrity and honesty in all that we do.

Reliability – If we say we’re going to do something, we will. Words are promises, regardless of whether we say ‘I promise’ or not.

Tenacity – We will work all the required hours to source the right candidate for the job, we won’t give up and if there is a problem we will always aim to find a solution and a win- win situation.

Care & Respect – Business is not ‘just business’ for us. We understand that strong relationships and desired outcomes are often the result of how you treat people.

Follow-up – That we always get back to our clients and candidates and provide feedback, updates and a genuine interest in assisting them with their requirements.

Enthusiasm – We’re passionate about what we do, with enthusiasm also comes eagerness, flexibility and collaboration, we want our clients and candidates to feel our enthusiasm when we work with them.

Commitment – We’re passionate individuals with energy and commitment to our clients, candidates and the industry.