Why Clients Want to Deal With Us

This makes Niche 212 the best recruitment agency in Sydney.

Keeping it Simple

We provide consistency for the client so there will always be the same people who understand the culture, job requirements, organisational structure and current state of their business working on briefs. This prevents our clients having to repeat themselves to a multitude of different recruitment consultants.

Depth of Experience

Niche 212 bought the Kiss Recruitment business in April 2012 who had been operating in the Sydney recruitment market for over 10 years. This, combined with Donna’s 25 years of recruitment experience and her highly experienced Executive recruitment Consultants, gives clients confidence that we have more than the capability to source and deliver talent on a regular basis.

Australian Owned

We keep the opportunities and profits within Australia to promote our economy. We can tailor recruitment solutions and pricing as we are Sydney based to make decisions quickly and efficiently to exceed our client’s expectations.

Active Current Database

It’s not about how big your database is, it’s how you manage your pool of candidates. Our database is kept current and active so we can source talent speedily for our clients but also so we can continually remain in contact with our candidates, no one likes to be forgotten about.

Operating Hours

Our clients don’t just call us in core working hours they know they can call our mobiles to place a job order from 6.00am through till 11.00pm or on the weekend, it is up to them.

Equity & Diversity

We work with clients to encourage Equity and Diversity, supporting environment free from harassment, discrimination and unacceptable behaviour.