Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing Jobs and Recruitment

If you’re not selling, you’re not growing – Every business is hungry for growth! We understand how critical it is to have the right sales and marketing people working to drive results and bottom line. You need a talent that would go on a journey with you and are committed and hungry to overachieve year upon year. Where do you find them? Proven performers do not have time to apply for jobs online, they are too busy making money and hunting for the next deal.

Partner with us to go to the market and headhunt passive talent who are more interested in being tapped on the shoulder about new opportunities. We have dedicated researchers that are mapping industry markets to identify new talent, continually talking to candidates that are potentially ready for their next move. Our fresh approach keeps our talent pool current and active. It provides faster turnaround time to fill current vacancies in candidate short markets.

We recruit around variety of sectors including FMCG, Information technology, Digital & Media, Finance, Retail, Consumer Goods etc. From roles in customer service through to senior strategic director level roles. We are tenacious and dedicated to each role and will keep going until your role is filled. It is just an everyday part of what we do at Niche 212, “We Don’t Give Up”. We invest time to understand your business objectives, vision and culture to allow us to work more proactively in the market for future talent acquisition.

We welcome niche challenging roles that requires us to search extensively sourcing premium individuals who would be open to discussing new opportunities. Hiring can be challenging, invest in Niche 212 to make it a valuable association.

Sales & Marketing Roles we hire for :

  • Sales Executives 
  • SDR’s 
  • Sales Director 
  • National Sales Manager 
  • Regional Sales Manager 
  • Enterprise Sales Manager 
  • Account Managers 
  • Account Directors 
  • Category Specialists 
  • Product Managers 
  • PR Managers 
  • Investor Relations Manager 
  • Commercial Sales
  • Marketing Consultant 
  • Business Developers 
  • Customer Service Managers 
  • Marketing Assistant 
  • Marketing Managers 
  • Marketing Directors 
  • Regional Sales Manager APAC
  • CRM Managers 
  • Acquisition Marketing Managers 
  • Category Managers 
  • Communication Managers 
  • PR Consultants 
  • Investor Relations Consultants 
  • PR Assistants 
  • Marketing Co-odinator