The Dos and Don’ts of Doing Temporary Work

Whether you are on a short or long term temporary assignment, please remember you are employed by NICHE 212. If

you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding your assignment please contact us immediately.

When you are placed in an assignment on a client site you are representing NICHE 212. As an employee, always ensure that:

  • Personal calls be kept to a minimum and preferably only be made in emergency situations
  • If you are permitted to use e-mail or the internet, it is to be utilised for work purposes only – don’t send personal emails and messenger services are definitely not to be accessed
  • Be positive and friendly with a ‘can-do’ attitude as this can often result in your assignment being extended or a repeat assignment
  • Always present yourself in a professional manner
  • If you are unwell, please call your consultant prior to your start time to ensure that our Client can be advised


Q: I am a Temporary registered as a Company. What documents do I need to provide?

A: You need to supply us with a copy of your Workers Compensation Policy, Certificate of Company Incorporation (partnership documents are Policy, Certificate of Company Incorporation (partnership documents are not sufficient).

Q: My visa has expired, what do I do?

A: Once your work visa has expired you are no longer eligible to work in Australia.

Q: What do I do if I have not received a Time Sheet?

A: Please call your Consultant or download from here.

Q: Will I be paid superannuation?

A: you are contracting under the PAYG arrangement, then you will qualify for inclusion under the superannuation guarantee levy. Your superannuation payment will equate to 9% of your base pay rate and will be automatically paid into an account. You are able to nominate your fund by completing the Super Choice Form and supplying us with the relevant documentation.

Q: What if I’m sick and cannot make it to my assignment?

A: If you are unwell, please call your consultant prior to your start time to ensure that our Client can be advised.

Q: Am I eligible for payment while attending Jury Service?

A: If you are empanelled onto a Jury the State Department responsible will generally pay you an allowance for any lost wages and travel. You will need to contact the relevant State body to confirm details. If you need confirmation of your contracting or temporary assignment to present to the relevant State Department please contact your Consultant and they can provide you with a letter.

Q: Am I eligible for annual leave, sick pay or any other leave, ie maternity/paternity, compassionate or study?

A: Generally you will not be eligible for any of these leave types. Your pay rate incorporates these components. If you have any other questions, please consult our Temporary Terms of Employment or contact your consultant at NICHE212Recruitment